Month: October 2021



    is wrong bad? Like this society teaches it. The brain only learns from mistakes!Best learnt in the piano learning process. Let us become mistakes our friends and learn from them!

  • image


    with which picture may I display myself? To make a serious impression for a certain profession? How perfect shall this picture cover up my imperfectness? THESE are all moments of my past. What does it count, how is it judged? My recommendation is to EXPERIENCE it with a LIVE encounter.

  • identification


    With whom or what do I identify? It must be something lustful or something worth to strive for to target my positive projection onto. By striving I express energy which is good since I can learn to canalize it. Herewith I am outing myself: I love raspberries!

  • freedom


    “Ueber den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein….”“over the clouds freedom must be without any limits….” ….or am I then bound to a flying machine? So freedom – related to the ground- is limitless on top of the mountains? Or are you then bound to the limited ground area on the top? So what […]

  • show


    WHAT is a show showing? Pretence or BEING? Every person, no matter if listener or acting, is always a mixture between both since we are all on our path from pretence to being. In any case energies are set free by acting, ex-pression, energies we can work with. We decide if we accept negative energies […]

  • relationship


    Already relationship initiation has a big market. Then there is the business of wedding planners. From then on it is becoming so complicated that there are only offers for mediation and lawyers for divorce but a very little number of programs to build a constructive setting for growing and keeping relationships. This can only be […]

  • ritual


    So many things in life are ritualized, from the morning toilet up to a religious ritual. The mostly learnt ability for rituals is essential for the quality of working processes. Do we need these movement patterns, to “grasp” reality better, to bring it better to body awareness? How can we use the energy of a […]

  • spirituality


    There is research approving that healing is better with talks about spirituality. SURE! Since y visit of a workshop with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1983 I intensively explore spiritual laws and thus can offer explanation models about practically allspiritual phenomenons. Many clients describe this as helpful. It is amazing if clients tells about a normal OBE […]

  • acces bars facilitator

    certified as accessbars facilitator: see

  • music as path

    music as path

    My path of self-recognition is strongly impressed by the instrument pianoforte. It is a path of fulfilling the body with the soul (= status of health) with the handicap to let complex classical music stream through the body at that moment….. I forward the tradition from Franz Liszt > Martin Krause > Edwin Fischer > […]