with which picture may I display myself? To make a serious impression for a certain profession? How perfect shall this picture cover up my imperfectness? THESE are all moments of my past. What does it count, how is it judged? My recommendation is to EXPERIENCE it with a LIVE encounter.


With whom or what do I identify? It must be something lustful or something worth to strive for to target my positive projection onto. By striving I express energy which is good since I can learn to canalize it. Herewith I am outing myself: I love raspberries!

production process

Before a car is produced it has to undergo an entire production line. To have undergone such “micro-production line” as concert pianist for many times enabled me to formulate THE PIANO CODE as coming from the tradition of Franz Liszt (> Martin Krause > Edwin Fischer > Conrad Hansen > me), the greatest piano virtuoso… Continue reading production process


To give you more presence you get a present: If you live with partner fill out both at the same time without showing. THEN reveal your visions to each other. If you then need a mediation I am at your disposition! It MUST be hand-written in short keywords for each cell so you will be… Continue reading present


Soul language, human language, Babylon. From m y point of view we can talk German, English, Italian, French or Spanish – the main thing is hat we speak the meta-language level of SOUL-language, HEART-language or language of spiritual LOVE.


Logo?Online-Logo-Maker fast and cheap? Or as a dialogue process about placing a brand and creating a real SUPER-SIGN? Often marketers miss synchronising abrand with the logo and a STRONG one-word domain name. This requires a holistic approach!

catchy record

Free download of well-known music? Or new creation of a melody which develops deep psychological effects with its energetic intervals full of “lfe energy in music”? Such a melody accompanies me as a “catchy record” (in German: Ohrwurm) for decades now!


The stream of life – panta rhei livestreaming of events to target groups. Use our mobile TV studio with 5 cameras + integration of speakers as camera from all over theworld + PowerPoint + electronic FlipBoard for a world-wide streaming of your event. In the coaching session we also speak about the stream-of-life, where it… Continue reading stream