Reliability or uniformity; the quality of being consistent. quotations ▼They want to achieve a high degree of consistency in their process and their product. For consulting the most important function may be The consistency principle states that people are motivated toward cognitive consistency and will change their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and actions to achieve it. Consistency of your own behaviour.To be distinguished from… Continue reading consistency


can you only talk about taboos with a priest or psychiatrist or consultant? Or are there ways of communication to appreciate taboos as a normal topic? Is a taboo just a psychological defense without confrontation with the topic?


is wrong bad? Like this society teaches it. The brain only learns from mistakes!Best learnt in the piano learning process. Let us become mistakes our friends and learn from them!


BEFORE such thoughts become a psychiatric emergency I cordially invite you to talk about it. Only the synopsis of our life-span in a bigger cosmic context can enlarge your point-of-view and let you feel free again!