Loughing as enlarging the consciousness and liberation: world-wide movement of

Recalling a music therapy session: The integration laughing after the reprise of the theme.

To laugh ones head off? In any case a tension is released when a joke releases laughter.

Already a smile of a woman can mean a lot!

a smile of a woman can be famous
(and expensive!)

the famous laughing of “Kundry” in Richard Wagners opera PARSIFAL opening the depths of womens psyche:

Cruel one!
If you feel in your heart
only others’ sorrows,
then feel mine too!
If you are a redeemer,
what maliciously stops you
from uniting with me for my salvation?
Through eternities I have waited for you,
the saviour so late in coming,
whom once I dared revile.
If you knew the curse
which afflicts me, asleepp and awake,
in death and life,
pain and laughter,
newly steeled to new affliction,
endlessly through this existence!
I saw Him – Him
and mocked…!
His gaze fell upon me!
Now I seek Him from world to world
to meet Him once again.
I darkest hour
I feel His eyes turn on me
and His gaze rest upon me.
The accursed laugher assails me once again:
a sinner sinks into my arms!
Then I laugh – laugh
I cannot weep,
can only shout, rage,
storm, rave
in an ever-renewed nightmare
from which, though repentant, I scarcely wake.
One for whom I yearned in deathly longing,
whom I recognised though despised and rejected,
let me weep upon his breast,
for one hour only be united to you
and, though God and the world disown me,
in you be cleansed of sin and redeemed!