Reliability or uniformity; the quality of being consistent. quotations ▼They want to achieve a high degree of consistency in their process and their product. For consulting the most important function may be The consistency principle states that people are motivated toward cognitive consistency and will change their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and actions to achieve it. Consistency of your own behaviour.To be distinguished from… Continue reading consistency


What interests you?What everybody wants? social targets? Success? What do you think about communities of interest? Do you think in own interest or for a community? Is interest the strategical power to force through your own power? Here you see the wonderful text of the pop singer NENA what can be behind the interest level… Continue reading interest


Is it power struggle if people have quarrels? Or is is lacking of synopsis, overview, from where it seems to be easier to find a solution than imaginable in the “fight modus”. Before you go on the level of law I recommend a mediation talk if both (or all) parties agree with that.


Soul language, human language, Babylon. From m y point of view we can talk German, English, Italian, French or Spanish – the main thing is hat we speak the meta-language level of SOUL-language, HEART-language or language of spiritual LOVE.