Loughing as enlarging the consciousness and liberation: world-wide movement of Recalling a music therapy session: The integration laughing after the reprise of the theme. To laugh ones head off? In any case a tension is released when a joke releases laughter. Already a smile of a woman can mean a lot! the famous laughing… Continue reading Laughing

music as path

My path of self-recognition is strongly impressed by the instrument pianoforte. It is a path of fulfilling the body with the soul (= status of health) with the handicap to let complex classical music stream through the body at that moment….. I forward the tradition from Franz Liszt > Martin Krause > Edwin Fischer >… Continue reading music as path

music – universal language

The THREE universal languages are: Mathematics have you heard of SUDOKU-therapy? Music music as non-verbal medium brings us back to ourselves as studied music-therapist I can accompany this process Love as partnership coach I can help you find new ways

catchy record

Free download of well-known music? Or new creation of a melody which develops deep psychological effects with its energetic intervals full of “lfe energy in music”? Such a melody accompanies me as a “catchy record” (in German: Ohrwurm) for decades now!


There are alternative ways of depression treatment. I cooperate with a complementary network of therapists and doctors. Already the first music therapist Pythagoras knew that you have to play a tarantella music piece to depressive people. Recognize the spiritual causes of depression up to the spiritual cause of all diseases.