I AM medical doctor (full medical degree). But here I am giving non-medical consulting – coaching – consile. But you are still having profit from my medical EXPERIENCE. Let´s talk about:

  • personal development
  • integrating your past with trauma and shocks
  • recognize yourself on a new basis – overcome depression
  • personal strategy in your social context
  • Spiritual consulting with
    • “extrasensory perceptions”
    • OBE – out-of-body-experiences
    • paranormal phenomenons in your surrounding
    • beginning mediality (paranormal abilities)
  • business strategy
  • marketing
  • Quality management for BRD doctors offices according to law
  • treatment as Access Consciousness-Bars-Practitioner
  • treatment as music therapist
  • treatment with cinematherapy
  • the learning process of the PIANO CODE as path of self-recognition
  • check my main website www.ellenberger.me