Loughing as enlarging the consciousness and liberation: world-wide movement of Recalling a music therapy session: The integration laughing after the reprise of the theme. To laugh ones head off? In any case a tension is released when a joke releases laughter. Already a smile of a woman can mean a lot! the famous laughing… Continue reading Laughing


can you only talk about taboos with a priest or psychiatrist or consultant? Or are there ways of communication to appreciate taboos as a normal topic? Is a taboo just a psychological defense without confrontation with the topic?


What interests you?What everybody wants? social targets? Success? What do you think about communities of interest? Do you think in own interest or for a community? Is interest the strategical power to force through your own power? Here you see the wonderful text of the pop singer NENA what can be behind the interest level… Continue reading interest


is wrong bad? Like this society teaches it. The brain only learns from mistakes!Best learnt in the piano learning process. Let us become mistakes our friends and learn from them!


with which picture may I display myself? To make a serious impression for a certain profession? How perfect shall this picture cover up my imperfectness? THESE are all moments of my past. What does it count, how is it judged? My recommendation is to EXPERIENCE it with a LIVE encounter.


With whom or what do I identify? It must be something lustful or something worth to strive for to target my positive projection onto. By striving I express energy which is good since I can learn to canalize it. Herewith I am outing myself: I love raspberries!


So many things in life are ritualized, from the morning toilet up to a religious ritual. The mostly learnt ability for rituals is essential for the quality of working processes. Do we need these movement patterns, to “grasp” reality better, to bring it better to body awareness? How can we use the energy of a… Continue reading ritual